Unlocked HTC One 32GB Version Costs $575 in the United States

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We have covered a detailed discussion about the HTC One and its availability in different parts of the world. The cell phone was delayed in most of the regions including Russia, United Kingdom and many others.

a??Unlocked HTC One 32GB version now available in the United States for just $575.a??

If you are okay with 32GB storage, then this is the right deal for you. This particular model is not too much different from the one sold through network carriers, but its network is unlocked along with an unlocked bootloader.

It means you will be able to use the SIM card of any network carrier as per your desires or requirements. There is no need to stay bound by a specific carrier for a set period of time. Purchase the HTC One 32GB unlocked version in order to enjoy the freedom of connectivity.

Unlocked HTC One US sale

The unlocked HTC One will also enable you to install important things such as custom ROMs. There are many other wonderful things that you can easily enjoy with.

There are many great advantages of using an unlocked Smartphone as it makes you feel free from the carrier restrictions.

We have told you about the best unlocked phones in our previous posts. However, HTCa??s flagship of the year is among one of the best Smartphones for the current year. It holds some jaw-dropping specs especially its ultra pixel technology used in the camera.

HTC has recently released the 32GB unlocked version of their HTC One and it is priced for $574.99. The product is available at HTCa??s online retail store in the United States.

There is not a great difference between the developer edition and this unlocked edition is that the former has 64GB internal storage along with an unlocked bootloader.

HTC has not made any claims about the unlocked boatloader on the 32GB model. It means that it would be just network unlocked.

Currently, the unlocked HTC One 32GB model is available on HTCa??s website in silver color. You can check out the specs of the phone to know whata??s inside.



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