HTC One Avoids Verizon in the United States

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HTC One not coming to verizon

HTC USA has verified through its official Twitter account that the HTC One will not come to Verizon networks. There could be many Verizon lovers waiting for the Smartphone. However, now they will not be able to use their beloved network’s services on the HTC One verizon.

It seems the lately launched Samsung Galaxy S4 will be a great competitor on Verizon’s network. Instead of the upcoming HTC One, Verizon is offering Droid DNA. This is also a beautiful handset with Snapdragon quad-core S4 Pro chipset and 5.0-inch display 1080p.


The Droid DNA is not a bad phone, but it might not be able to compete with HTC One. The earlier is now updated with Jelly Bean Android 4.2 and HTC sense user interface 5.0. Due to this reason, now it can become famous among users.

HTC One is facing production bottlenecks nowadays and that could be a reason behind delay in its launch. On the other hand, other US mobile carriers will not leave the expansive device behind. Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile have joined hands together to support the upcoming HTC’s flagship Smartphone.

No fixed date has been issued by the company for the official release of this mega device. However, it would not take so long to be available. We are keeping an eye on the HTC One Verizon and will inform you once it becomes available for purchase in the United States or any other region of the globe.

So, stay in touch with us to know more HTC One Verizon.



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