Sprint Galaxy Nexus OTA Update Looming

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Sprint-Galaxy-Nexus-UpdateA few weeks before, we came to know about the Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus over-the-air update. This was very fruitful for the users of Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus. Now, it is being said that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is also going to get updated with a software update. This device will not be treated very differently from Verizon’s galaxy Nexus.

A software update known as L700.FG01 will not be bringing android 4.1 jelly bean. So, if you are expecting the latest android version update on your Sprint Galaxy Nexus, then you should not do so. This update will bring modified received signal strength indicator also known as (RSSI). There will be some more great enhancements with this latest update.

L700.FG01 software update will also be responsible to turn on the LTE and Wi-Fi by default. This will also provide better support to Sprint TV. I know these improvements will be worthwhile for the Android users. Sprint Galaxy Nexus users can easily check for the update whenever they want, without any restriction. However, the official update will be rolled out tomorrow, 26 July.

It means you just need to wait for a few hours, not for months. After waiting for a few hours, you would be able to enjoy better improvements on your Sprint Galaxy Nexus with great ease. There is nothing to worry about downloading and installing the update on your Sprint Galaxy Nexus because this requires a little knowledge. If you know how to operate your phone in the best way, then you can easily do this without facing any trouble.

Without having the latest android version, jelly bean, Sprint Galaxy Nexus users may not feel satisfied even after receiving this update. Well, Sprint has plans to send the android 4.0 jelly bean update to their Sprint Galaxy Nexus users after this software update. So, you should not feel embarrassed because jelly bean will also hit your cell phone soon after getting this update.


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