Sony Xperia Devices not Getting the Jelly Bean Android 4.1

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sony-xperia-ics-updateJohn cooper is the UK product manager of Sony Mobile and he has recently talked about the Sony Xperia devices on Facebook. He was actually conversing with customers regarding the new products of the Sony Xperia and updates. It has become clear now after this conversation that Sony Ericson Xperia mini and Xperia Arc S will not be able to get the jelly bean Android 4.1 update.

This could be a shocking as well as sad news for the Sony Xperia device owners. They might have been waiting for the jelly bean update for so long but, the recent news has broken their hopes. John Cooper has also stated that Sony is always focused on creating a modern phone with latest updates. Well, this statement may not be able to satisfy the Sony Xperia owners.

Sony Xperia We are the first to tell you about this official news regarding the Sony Xperia update matter. Expectantly, Sony will not announce anything regarding this matter soon. The preceding news has made it clear that no Xperia device from the year 2011 will get the jelly bean update. So, other Xperia users should understand this and do not expect for any Android 4.1 update.

On the contrary, it is being said that they Sony Xperia devices from the year 2011 will be able to get the android 4.1 jelly bean. However, no official release date has been announced yet for this update. So, you are suggested to keep patience until the jelly bean Android 4.1 update strikes your android tablet or phone.

Sony XperiaIf you are one of the customers of 2012’s Sony Xperia devices, then you might be able to get the latest jelly bean android operating system on your device and the rest of the users should not long for it anymore. We would appreciate your comments about this issue, especially, if you are one of the deprived users ofSony Xperia update.


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