Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Update Leaked for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

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Jelly BeanWe were looking for the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system to support international Galaxy S3. You must agree that the users of Galaxy S3 in the United States got nothing except wait and hope. Nevertheless, the wait is coming to an end because reports regarding the arrival of Official Jelly Bean Android 4.1 update have been received.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 is getting an official Jelly Bean update. You will be glad to know that the update is currently available on XDA Forums and you can download it from there. You might have observed that some phone manufacturers change the specs of their specific phones on different carriers. The good thing about Galaxy S3 is that it is similar on all the carriers.

Due to the similar cell phone across all the carriers, the company will not have to face any disturbance while rolling out the updates. Some of the sources have revealed that this update is currently in testing phase. The official Jelly Bean Update for your T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 is expected to hit at the end of current month. Well, this can be a rumor and we are unable to say anything for sure about this matter. Some goodies and changes include:

S-Voice setting in system setting menu

2 different sorts of home screensT-Mobile's Galaxy S3

Jellybean clock in the drop down notification area

5 app docks

Access Google from your recent app screen

New T-Mobile bloatware

I know, you must be feeling very adventurous about the Jelly bean update for the T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3. Well, you can move to XDA forums and grasp flashable zip package for this update. Recent stock T-Mobile Rom is necessary to download this flash update on your Galaxy S3. I suggest you to make a good back-up of your all important data before you do anything. We are not responsible for the damage that may occur on this trial.


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