Apple Asked Samsung for $40 Per Tablet and $30 Per Phone for Patent License

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The Samsung Vs Apple case is still boiling and this reality is known to all the users. There are many conflicts among these two major companies.  Apple is giving arguments on each petition and Samsung is also not very lenient. The trail began about two weeks ago and  this legal war is on peek now a days.

Apple Vs SamsungWe come to know about juicy details every day. Documented evidences are presented from both sides every time. You can find a lot of interesting information about this issue. However, we really do not know who is right or wrong.  Today, I have also got a shocking news for you guys.

Apple Vs SamsungIt was known to all that Apple INC. has proposed some specific dollar figures for every license. It is being said that Apple asked Samsung to pay $40 per tablet and up to $30 per phone for the patent license. This news can be very trembling for most of the users. The phones and tablets running the android, Symbian, Bada and Windows.

No one knows what would be the result of this legal war between Apple and Samsung. According to some of the critics, Apple is just showing its jealousy attitude after the great success of Samsung’s products. Recently, Samsung Galaxy S3 has broken the sales records. You will be amazed to know that Samsung  has sold more than ten million units of  its Flagship phone, S3.

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