Google Maps and Google Earth New Imagery Released

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Google Maps New ImageryGoogle maps and earth apps are very useful tools for every person. They can help you in the best way by providing exact solutions to your queries. New imagery has been included in the Google Maps and Goolge earth applications yesterday. With the new added descriptions, you will be able to see accurate and comprehensive view of the world.

Google maps and Google earth have recently published another broad catalog of new imagery. Now you will be able to enjoy the high resolution satellite and aerial imagery and also 45° images. So, if you want to take pleasure in more enhanced features of the Google Maps and Google Earth, then do not wait anymore.

FrauenkircheRecently Google has published fresh high resolution satellite and aerial imagery for 72 regions/countries and 25 cities. You should not get concerned about these updates because these are easily available on the Google Maps and Google earth. You can also highlight the interesting locations as per your desires. Actually, the improved version of Google maps can provide you best satisfaction regarding the Google street view and roadside view.

Olympic ParkPlaces of the Olympic village and the park also add to the new imagery in this recent update to make the google street view more prominent. So, now you can enjoy finding the best locations in the United Kingdom i.e. Olympic stadiums without facing any difficulty. It does not matter that you are not a geologist because this latest addition to the imagery can be operated and viewed by everyone. It means you can take benefits from the enhanced versions of Google maps and Google earth applications in order to serve your purpose in the exact way.

You might be shocked to know that a new 450 imagery is also available for approximately 28 cities. Among these cities, 21 are in the United States and remaining 7 are international famous destinations.

How to download the latest version of Google maps and Google earth? Check here:


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