VLC Android Is Ready For Release

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VLC Android

Open source operating systems can go well with open source media player. There is a plenty of media players available on the internet. People use different types of audio and video players in order to serve their purpose. When it comes to VLC android, everyone knows about its reputation in the world of media players.

VLC media player has been serving the desktop users for many years. Now, it is going to introduce it in the android market. Windows, Mac and Linux users have found it great to use VLC media player for playing the desired formats. However, VLC android is new in the android market. There is huge demand for this particular application all around the world. Every android user wants to play video and audio files using the VLC android because it is user-friendly.

You will be exultant to know that VLC android is going to be released soon. Now, you do not need to face critical problems in using the older versions of media players. VLC android can play almost every audio and video format without making any blunder. The announcement for VLC android was made about one year ago. Android users have been waiting for the VLC android player since then.

Some of the people think that VLC android cannot compete with other prestigious media players available within android market nowadays. Well, this can be unpredicted and no one would be able to say anything certain about this. One thing you should not forget is that the VLC android would not be very much different from its desktop version. This is very good news for android users as they will not have to face any problem in using VLC Android.


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