Malicious Android Apps Crosses 20000

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Android Malicious AppsMalicious android apps are very dangerous for every android device. They can disturb the proper functioning of your android phone or tablet by damaging different things inside. Just like viruses, malicious android apps can cause destruction of your android device. It is has become crucial to protect your android device from such malfunctions.

You may shock to know that malicious android apps have crossed the figure of 20,000. According to a secret source, TrendLabs reported for about 5000 malicious android apps in the beginning of this year. However, this digit has been on rapid increase from the last few months. Finally, it has reached over 20,000. Now, it has become a major issue for most of the android-based business organizations. Even on GooglePlay, you can come across some of the malicious android apps.

The above-mentioned figure is based on the research done till June, 2012. The majority of these malicious android apps belong to third party stores. So, it is better not to purchase any of the android app from scam third party stores. If you want to get a hassle-free download of the desired app, then you must try to contact a reliable source such as GooglePlay.

One most important fact that you may not be aware of is that GooglePlay also contained about 17 malicious android apps. These apps were downloaded more than 700,000 times before their removal.

After identifying the maliciousness of these apps, GooglePlay removed them immediately without any delay. Some of these apps disguised as the most legitimate android apps. I also warn you to check the legitimacy of apps before downloading them on your android device. This will help you to avoid the danger of malfunction.

How malicious android apps can disturb your phone? Check out here:


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