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I would not be wrong if I say that Flipboard is a gorgeous social magazine for your android device. If you want to enjoy the award-winning experience with Flipboard, then you must be aware of the services provided by this stunning app. It is very difficult to see various things on your android device simultaneously. Nevertheless, Flipboard allows you to see each and everything in one place. So, this is one of the most useful and time-saving apps available on the android market.

Android users would be amazed to know that Flipboard is now conveniently available for android devices. With Flipboard, you can bring the worlda??s stories together at one place. This provides an easy access to your favorite item/story. You can get almost every update on your Flipboard app without going to check out other social media sites such as Facebook and twitter. All the notifications, photos shared by your friends and loved ones can access from single timeline.

Flipboard is an exclusive app that can simplify your life without making any blooper. The android users, who do not want to face any hassle while using their android device, should try to experience the efficient working of this classy app.

One important thing that you should never forget is that the Flipboard is specifically optimized for the Smartphones, not tablets.

Following features of Flipboard are worthwhile:
Search whatever you want such as topics, hashtags, favorite sites, people, updates, photos, videos, articles and then flip all of them in a beautiful magazine format.
Get notified by every sudden event.
Connect your Flipboard to about 12 social networks, updating your activities like liking, commenting and sharing. The services include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo, Google Reader, Flickr and Renren.
Get instant updates from cover stories.
Create your own Flipboard account conveniently.

It is good to see this spectacular app on the android. If you are interested to download this app, click Flipbaord.


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