Samsunga??s New Galaxy S4 Commercial Bangs Apple

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Samsung New Commerical

Have you still not watched the new Galaxy S4 Commercial?

Samsung has just released a strange, yet entertaining ad for their hottest Galaxy S4. The Korean giant badly bashes Apple in this fantastic video. The company has tried to show off the advantages of their recent flagship with the help of dancing ninjas and a goat.

Apple would not take it as a fun because this could be a great challenge for them. Despite several lawsuits, Apple could not do something harmful to Samsung. Well, this war seems to continue with the latter as a clear winner.

There are dozens of Apples lying around the Galaxy S4 user, but he just pays attention to his dear GS4 instead of looking here and there. This clearly shows how Apple is being deteriorated by the Korean giant. I have watched this short commercial clip and found it very interesting and hilarious too.

In the beginning of the new Galaxy S4 Commercial, a boy tries to interact with a red Apple but it does not respond to that guy. It shows that the Apple is not responsive and cooperative. The complete picture changes as he gets the Samsung Galaxy S4.A? He starts enjoying the life soon after getting the flagship device manufactured by the Korean company.

You would like to see this new Galaxy S4 commercial because it really makes you feel great (only if you are a Samsung lover). On the other hand, it must be very irritating for the Apple fans.

Please check this video and do let us know your opinions.



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