Sprint Galaxy S3 Getting A Gigantic OTA Update

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A number of sources have confirmed that the Sprint Galaxy S3 users are getting a comparatively large update, about 157MB. It is coming over-the-air to all of sprint s3 users. Well, this could be one of the biggest updates received by the Samsung’s flagship ever.

Some say that the update is not relative to the firmware, but it’s just a software update fromsprint galaxy s3 update is about to hit devices Samsung. One of the pages belonging to Sprint shows its relevancy to a software version L710VPMA6.

It helps in updating the voicemail app, fixes calendar sync problems and adds SMS features. We have also come to know that the users have declared it to be helpful in security exploitation.

Sprint users have not received the Premium suite update from Samsung and they will have to wait a little bit more because the approaching package does not include this. The Galaxy S3 is the most widely used Android phones across the globe.

Using a perfectly updated device matters a lot for everyone because it ensures the top-quality entertainment and usefulness. If you also want to keep up using the hottest features of your phone, then do not overlook the importance of Sprint Galaxy S3 update because it would never come back again.

However, the update we are just talking about entails users from the United States only. The Galaxy S3 update must be reaching out anytime. Therefore, you should start waiting for it and stay up tonight to bring it down.

Have your Sprint Galaxy S3 obtained the update?

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