Sprint Galaxy S2 Getting Jelly Bean Update

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Sprint galaxy s2 is being updated with jelly bean android

You must be feeling deprived of modern features if watching the latest editions of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. There is no need to feel as you have been left behind because your device would soon receive the latest Android OS update.

a??Yes, the Sprint Galaxy S2 is now getting the Jelly Bean update with a heap of new improvements.a??

In most of the cases, people who have been stuck in contracts get deprived of the latest updates. This is because their carriers do not pay a lot of attention on satisfying the consumers. However, Sprint Galaxy S2 is finally going to be updated with the latest Android firmware.

So, users of this particular carrier must make merry on getting the new Googlea??s mobile operating system. It always feels better when your old Smartphone gets a new update.

Sprint has just announced a few days back that Android 4.1 is on its way!

We know you guys have been waiting for the update for so long, but now the wait seems to over. The fresh Jelly Bean update is bringing a handful of new improvements including the following:

  • Google Now
  • Lock Screen Widgets
  • Project Butter Animations
  • Several stability & battery saving improvements

All of the aforesaid tidbits can be very fortunate and fruitful for the Sprint Galaxy S2 owners. No matter you are having an old device, new cool features will make it better than anything else. Now ita??s time to feel comfortable and satisfied with your GS2, but only if Sprint is serving you within the United States.

Good News! The update is also bringing GS3 graphical user interface enhancements, pop up play to watch videos, Smart Stay to keep your phone awake all the time and several other goodies beyond the expectations.

We feel proud to announce that the Android update is presently available to download & install.

Source: CNET


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