Skype for Android Optimized For Tablets

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Skype started improving its Android app for the betterment of the users. There might be hundreds of applications that support video and voice calling on the desktop computers and mobile devices. However, Skype for android has an exclusive importance among all of them.

Skype for Android

Soon after releasing the Ice Cream Sandwich, Skype also started improving its features for the general users. The app was suitable for the small devices such as Smart phones. The users having big tablets could not enjoy the real fun of voice and video calling.

“Auspiciously, Skype for android is now improved for bigger screens.”

Skype 3.0 for android is introducing the big tablet user interface for the users who wish to enjoy videoing, chatting and voicing on the bigger screens.

Most of the android tablets now can be used for making voice and video calling and this would be a superb experience for all the users of such devices. The modern UI of Skype is fully optimized to facilitate the tablet users. It can give you fantastic feeling on both, portrait and landscape modes.

Traditional Bluish style and Holo UI of Skype now comes together to give you a great enjoyment and tremendous experience. This is the only software that is used immensely all over the world. People prefer using Skype because it has become a sign of good voice and video quality for them.

Today, many Android devices come with built-in Skype. This is because the manufacturers know that this special application has become a basic need of every user. The new user interface will definitely make it worthwhile for the users.

If you are also having some problems with old version of Skype, then go ahead and download the latest edition which is specifically optimized for the big tablets.

No need to go somewhere else, simply hit the download link below to get Skype for Android on your device.

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