Motorola Releases Demo Videos of New Android 4.0 Skin

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Motorola promised to provide Ice Cream Sandwich to both the RAZR Maxx and RAZR. Now, company has released numerous videos introducing the new Android 4.0 skin. Now, you are able to get first official look at these demo videos. The new version will be released to the phones in coming weeks.

While Motorola actually skinned Ice Cream Sandwich but I am happy to tell you that company has shown some limitations. Nearly the icons have been altered and a little bit changes have been made. So, you are not required to get nervous about a whole modification.

Four shortcuts have been added to the lock screen. Dialer and messaging link stock android 4.0’s unlock options and camera. It has also been made easier to silence your phone by adding a toggle on the top. Gallery app and camera app has been updated for the users. This is not a minor change for the people who were not pleased with old camera app.

The company has scrapped its all in one social networking app. Users can easily download the favorite first-party twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook apps. So, now you can enjoy your favorite social networking app without any difficulties of all-in-one app.



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