LG G Flex KitKat 4.4.2 Update with Knock Code

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How many of you guys own the curved phone of LG?

If you are among the ones who hold, then get ready to grab the scrumptious LG G Flex KitKat 4.4.2 update which has now been rolled out.

I think ita??s a bit sooner than LG had actually committed to send out. One thing that we all should agree is that getting an update earlier never hurts. On the other hand, waiting for weeks long really make us feel irritated and agitated.

Users of this famous smartphone will now be able to take benefit from the Knock Code feature of LG along with some other improvements to the Bluetooth car-kit.

Unfortunately, the changelog does not say anything about the 4K video recording and this is something that was rumored formerly. Most users must have been hurt because of this failure. However, there are still lots of great things to enjoy. Hopefully, this feature will follow the update, sooner or later.

In order to enjoy the tidbits, you need to move onto LG upgrade center and check for the phone version. This procedure will let you know that whether LG has started sending out the update so far or not.

We are quite hopeful that you will get the upgrade on time lacking which users will feel awkward. The thing that users have waited over the last few weeks finally said to be available. Now all you need to do is simply go for the update if it is available at your end.


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