Jelly Bean to Hit LG Optimus 4X HD, L9, L7

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LG Jelly Bean is going  to Hit LG Optimus 4X HD, L9, L7

LG has made a declaration through the Facebook about updating their prominent devices. According to their FB page, they are going to update Optimus 4X HD, L9 and L7 with LG Jelly Bean. The upgrade is almost at the final stage of progress and would soon meet its targets.

The model numbers of phones are P880 (4X HD), P765 (L9) andP705 (L7). Currently, we cannot say anything for sure about the release date because the company has not made any official statement in this regard.

There are various types of devices helping the android users, however, the Optimus family has no alternative. This is because its phones are just fabulous to serve the android users perfectly. The entire L-series can give a healthy competition to all other competitors.

Another thing that you must know about is the preparations made by LG to announce the next generation Optimus phones. This must be very interesting for the android aficionados because they would see a new line-up beyond their anticipation.

The Android 4.1 LG jelly bean update is a good helping hand for the older versions of this series. Now, their existing users can also enjoy the hottest features and functions of the android world.

The new line-up is expected to be announced at Mobile Word Congress. Apart from LGa??s announcement, there is a lot more waiting for you at this forthcoming mega event. We are keeping an eye on whata??s going to happen next.

We will definitely inform you about recent happenings in this regard. So, keep checking your device because LG Jelly Bean update can hit your phone anytime.


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