Jelly Bean Running 28.4% Of The Active Android Devices, Ics Drops To 27.5%

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Jelly Bean android growing

People are moving ahead and they do not like to use the old versions of the Google mobile operating system. There are several significant things that should be observed before choosing any particular mobile OS as this will help you to avoid any further consequences.

a??According to a recently held survey, Jelly Bean is now running on about 28.4% and the Ice Cream Sandwich drops 27.5%.a??

It is good to see that the users have switched from old version of Android to the new ones. Not only the users, but carriers are also responsible to send timely updated to the prescribed devices. Google has changed the other side of the picture and shows new statistics.

According to the Aprila??s Android stats, Jelly Bean is making its way to new devices by breaking down the barrier. Users from all around the world are hitting the Google Play Store for getting the desired and required apps. It shows how Android community is expanding in different parts of the world.

Jelly Bean has recently made a steady climb from 25% to 28.4% snatching away the users of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. You must also know that the ICS percentage has fallen from 29.3% to 25%. It is a prominent change in the behavior of the Android users.

We really do not have any idea why the Gingerbread is holding a strong position across the globe. People are still stuck to the Android 2.3 because it comes built-in with most of the Android devices. If you analyze the mid-range Smartphones, then you will see that the majority sports Gingerbread.

I have personally experienced the well-working of the Android 2.3 and found it good for an average user. However, Jelly Bean speaks about something more fanatic and attention-grabbing. You must be shocked to know that the Gingerbread holds 38.5% of the entire Android world and this is a gorgeous figure.

Have you got Jelly Bean on your device?


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