Jelly bean rollout for Nexus S on the T-Mobile, Vodafone, Rogers and more

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Jelly Bean Nexus SJelly bean is spreading like a jungle’s fire after its official release. There is a huge demand for the latest version of android operating system. Recently, we came to know that some of the Nexus S owners have received updates for android 4.1 astonishingly. After getting many more reports from the other users (especially on T-mobile in America), Google has finally posted the official details of the update.

According to Google, jelly bean android 4.1 update should reach handsets on Rogers, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and H3G (in most of the countries). So, if you are having Nexus S tied up to any of these networks, you must expect an update notification to hit your device anytime now. This can be good news for the users owning Nexus S.

Without jelly bean, Nexus S may not be able to win hearts of users. This is because jelly bean provides best support to user utility. Fortunately, several carriers now pay attention on making the jelly bean android available through overt-the-air-update (OTA). Wind and Mobilicity users are also getting the similar update of jelly bean android 4.1.

We have confirmed rollout in the United States with T-Mobile, where 114MB download is presently only available for the download through Wi-Fi. Nexus S is a wonderful device and can fulfill the requirements of present users. However, updates are always very important in order to make use of its best features. Google understands this and that’s why jelly bean nexus is making its way to the market.

If you want to receive instant updates for android jellybean, then you need to get ready to check out update notifications time after time. You must not miss the opportunity to get latest jelly bean android as it can be very fruitful for your Nexus S.


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