HTC Thunderbolt Fails to Get Promised Ice Cream Sandwich, Still Coming

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HTC ThunderboltHTC Thunderbolt fans were pretty ecstatic to get the first 4G LTE phone from Verizon. Actually, users of HTC Thunderbolt were promised by the carrier to get the Ice Cream Sandwich. End of August was the promised time to release the Android 4.0 update but, users have not received it yet.

Users got embarrassed when they could not receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update at the end of the previous month. This is very disappointing to see that Verizon could not fulfill its promise and letting the customers disappointed.

Not only the HTC Thunderbolt but almost every Smartphone user wants to get the latest android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Moreover, it would worth getting Jelly Bean android 4.1 but, it may not be possible right now.


When you have not obtained the Android 4.0, then how you can get the Android 4.1. Well, let’s hope for the best and wait for the Ice Cream Sandwich to hit HTC Thunderbolt. You should keep in mind that HTC has not refused to send this update but a delay is a problem.

The truth is that the HTC has not fulfilled its promise. Many users are saying that HTC is only ignoring the current situation. HTC has told its Facebook friends that the Ice Cream Sandwich is still coming. So, you should not get embarrassed anymore.

HTC has clearly mentioned that they are now working with Verizon to bring the update as soon as possible. What does it mean? It shows that HTC is ready to send the update but, Verizon is becoming a hindrance.

We really do not have any idea why the Verizon is delaying the update. Users cannot do anything else except waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich update to reach. Do not forget to let us know about the update once it hits your HTC Thunderbolt.


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