Honeycomb update – Upgrade from Gingerbread to Honeycomb

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Android is a fantastic operating system for most of the Smart phones and other mobile devices. Actually, the android software was bought by Google incorporation some years back. This particular operating system is basically based on Linux Kernel. Google android is available in several specific versions at present. Gingerbread 2.3 & Honeycomb 3.2 are recent versions introduced by Google android. Here we are going to discuss these two particular versions.

Gingerbread and Honeycomb both contain some outstanding features. Therefore, it is not possible to sum up in a few words. Well, I will try to provide a brief overview of these two awesome android versions. Honeycomb is an android version that is specifically designed for the big devices such as big-screened tablets and other android devices of such type. On the contrary side, Gingerbread was an official update to the present Froyo. This operating system was very good for Smartphones. One thing that I like most about Gingerbread is its SIP communication feature. This gorgeous feature helps users to call at lower rates. If you have a good data connection, then you may also be able to get free calls.

Gingerbread contains many other classy features that make it dominant over Honeycombthe previous android versions. It has advanced and better brightness control setting. Gingerbread can also provide you improved DSP equalizer/manager which gives boost to settings. Despite all these plus points, many of the android consumers reverted back to Froyo, as they did not find any amazing new features and functions in the Gingerbread.

Now, let’s talk about Honeycomb. Android has improved switching and multitasking features of this new version. Special improvements in multi-touch and drag-drop systems are made for the ease of users. Moreover, a faster browser has provided to users for enjoying speedy internet surfing. Some users have found Honeycomb an exceptional operating system for their tablets. They do not want to use even advanced android versions due to the satisfaction which Honeycomb has given to them. Following details can give you a clear idea about both of these operating systems.

Gingerbread Features:

  • Improved MS exchange support
  • GIF’s Animated support in the browser
  • Wi-Fi hotspot function
  • 10.1 Adobe Flash supported
  • Improved support for the native code
  • Communication support for SIP
  • Multiple camera support
  • Support for VP8 video playback
  • Advanced Copy/Paste functions

Honeycomb Features:

  • Redesigned widgets
  • New connectivity options
  • Browser enhancements
  • Adjustable Home screen
  • Stylish Notification Bar
  • New improved Tablet UI
  • Action Bar
  • Improve copy/paste & Keyboard
  • Multi-core processor support
  • 2D Graphic hardware acceleration
  • Visual multi-tasking

Now, well will further look at how to update your android device to Honeycomb. Following procedure should be adopted for this purpose.

You can easily check or update your android gadget by following these steps:

  • Turn on the Android device and then press “Home” button.
  • Press “Menu” and select “settings.”
  • Now, scroll down and choose “About Phone.”
  • Pat on “System Updates” and your android phone automatically checks for the new software. If you cannot find any new software, you will surely see a message verifying you are “up to date.”
  • Then press “Install Now” if you find any new software. The update will be downloaded and your android phone will be restarted automatically.


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