Google Wearable SDK to Launch in Two Weeks

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Sundar Pichai

At the very first month of the year 2014, we heard that Google was working on a special Fitness SDK for Android. As per the so far leaked information, this fitness API might permit apps to edit and view fitness data, access health info, fitness tracking and much more.

People often do not have enough time to deal with the problems that they come across while using an Android phone or tablet. Nevertheless, this time Google is enabling developers to try out their skills and get the most out of the Google Wearable SDK which is going to be launched roughly after two weeks.

Today Sundar Pichai, Androida??s senior vice president (also Chrome and Apps), publicizes at the SXSW conference in Texas (Austin) that Google will be releasing an SDK for the Android developers. Below is what they turn out;

“In two weeks we are launching the first developer SDK for Android,a?? and A?a??that will lay out the vision for developers in how we see this market working.a??

He further stated that the tools will assist developers to yield data from all sensors embedded in smartbands, smartwatches and even jackets. The vice president also added that Google was not actually in a position to announce the launch of Google wearable SDK, but it really does not meant that company is not working on their looming project.

We are dead sure that Google will soon be unveiling their new SDK plan in order to help out developers. There could be a lot more than expected popping out in a few coming days. So all you need to do is just lower your gaze and wait until Google stands you up with a good news. There could be a possibility of seeing new things from this mega tech giant. So dona??t go away, we will be back if there is anything worth-telling.

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