Eclair Upgrade – Update Android from Donut 1.6 to Eclair 2.1

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Donut 1.6

It is very important to have a clear idea about android and its different versions known at present. Google android is a cell phone operating system originally developed by android incorporation. This firm was purchased by Google in the year 2008. Android is actually based on an improved version of Linux kernel. There is a continuous flow of updates that include graduation modifications and new features.

Android 2.1 is coded as Eclair while the older version android 1.6 is known as Donut. For beginners, Eclair android 2.1 is perfectly optimized than the Donut android 1.6. The updated version of Google android is specifically known for faster data processing. There are many great things that make Donut 2.1 better than Eclair 1.6. You will come to know about such things after upgrading your android device to a newer version of Google android.

Adding to the tilt of upgrades are keyboard, contact applications and browser. The user interface of the browser has been improved in order to facilitate the android users. You can easily search out things that you like on the internet. I must say that internet surfing made convenient with Donut 2.1. A new feature of double click to zoom is added to the new version of Google android. It also contains better support for HTML5 that make easier to browse the internet.

One more thing that makes Eclair gorgeous is the addition of virtual keyboard that supports multi-touch devices. It is also ideal for faster typing. The most vital thing that users will find in the Eclair 2.1 is the Microsoft exchange support. Bluetooth 2.1 is added to this version of Google android. Now, you will not have to face any difficulty in pairing two different android devices for the purpose of data exchanging. In the previous version of Google android, it was very troublesome to pair two devices due to some technical problem in the Donut android 1.6.

EclairSumming up the modifications we will find out the following things.  Android 2.1, also known as Eclair, is flawlessly augmented as compared to previous versions of Donut. Eclair has perfect support for extra resolution that was not available in Donut. Virtual keyboard of Eclair is far better than the Donut’s. Moreover, Eclair android 2.1 has enhanced quick contact interface. This was main difficulty with the old version of Google android 1.6 Donut. Bluetooth 2.1 support was not available in Google android 1.6 while Google android 2.1 (Eclair) has this facility for the android users.

Follow the subsequent steps to get Eclair 2.1 on your android device:

  • Turn on your android phone or tablet and then press “Home” button.
  • Press the “Menu” and select “settings.”
  • Now, scroll down and tap the “About Phone.”
  • Pat on “System Updates” and the android phone automatically checks for new available software. If you cannot get any new software, you will surely get a message proving you are “up to date.”
  • After this, press “Install Now” if you see any new software. The update will begin to download and the android phone or tablet will be restarted automatically.

Watch this video to upgrade your android phone to Eclair 2.1.



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