Dolphin Beta Browser Obtains Updated Flipper

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Dolphin Beta BrowserMobotap has just released some important details about its forthcoming Dolphin Beta engine. They claim that this upcoming browser would be 5-10 times quicker than the default android browser. One more shocking thing is that the Dolphin Beta would be 100% quicker than the chrome. I know this prediction is somewhat difficult to digest but, Mobotap is fully confident about this claim.

You must remember that the declaration is made after testing the Dolphin Beta. It is necessary to differentiate between original and fake Dolphin Beta browser so that you can avoid cheaters. This particular browser is giving tough competition to its rivals. Some of the deceiving benchmarks are trying to humiliate the real worth and esteem of Dolphin Beta. That’s why you should be conscious of original one while searching for this great mobile browser.

Improved version of Dolphin Beta will provide efficient and expeditious access to the internet along with other classy features. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to browse the desired website due to poor performance of web browsers. Well, enhanced or advanced version of Dolphin Beta is fully confident to give best support for speedy internet surfing.

The Dolphin beta engine will perform better than other mobile browsers.

Browser HTML 5 test score is given below:

Dolphin Beta 364
iOS 5.1 324
Opera 369
Android 4.0 273
Bada 2.0 268
Chrome Beta 364
Nokia Belle FP 1 226
BlackBerry OS 7 273
Firefox 325
MeeGo/Harmattan 284
webOS 2.2 210
Windows Phone 7.5 138

Mobotap has worked harder to make the Dolphin Beta the monarch of the mobile browsers.


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