Android Platform Distribution Numbers for August: Google Eliminates Donut and Éclair

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Android platform distribution numbers have appeared again for the month of August. Google has taken some important steps this time including the elimination of donut and Eclair. You must be thinking why they have done away with these two basic platforms. Well, this is not just because both of them account for only 1.3% collectively, but the Google Play Store app does not work or is not compatible with Android v2.2 on up.

Android Platform Distribution Numbers for August

Every user likes to access the Play Store in order to grab the desired apps and games. They never wish to stay away from this world’s famous app store at any cost. One main reason behind Android’s success is the rapid access to the Google’s Play Store. People won’t pay attention on smartphones based on Google’s mobile OS unless they are authorized to enter the app store mentioned earlier.

Since Donut and Éclair do not support the Google App Store anymore, that’s why company has completely done away with these two platforms. There are a very few number of people using Donut or Éclair. This is a good initiative taken by the company because this would enhance traffic toward their modern and advanced mobile operating system versions.

You can check the Android platform distribution numbers in the image given above and decide on your own which one is working better and adding more revenue to the company’s profit bucket. More or less, three important versions including Jelly Bean, Gingerbread and ICS are working well to make Android prosperous.

The Android platform distribution stats for the month of July are given as under:

  • Gingerbread: 30.7% (33.1% in July)
  • Jelly Bean: 45.1% (40.5% in July)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich: 21.7% (22.5% in July)

Now you can compare these statistics with those given above for the month of August. The difference will show you that this month the distribution numbers have been raised as compared to the previous period.Do you think Google has done a good job by eliminating the Donut and Éclair?

Source: Android I Via: Phandroid


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