Android Lemon Cake Rumored to be the next OS version

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lemon cake

Googlea??s mobile OS is currently on the top, running on the majority of smartphones and tablets of todaya??s modern tech world. Android 4.4 KitKat was launched a few months before and now it runs on many devices. Well, I think ita??s time for Google to bring up its next OS version which could possibly start from the alphabetical letter a??La??.

Now people have many eatables in mind that start with a??La??. However, nothing can be said for sure in this regard as the company has not confirmed anything. One thing that I would like to discuss with you guys is that the most strong name candidate for the next version is the Android Lemon Cake.

lemon cake

I guess there might something else running into your mind. The naming convention moves around the Android Lemon Cake because it gets something beyond just rumors. A comment from one of the authentic sources confirm the name to be the same as mentioned above. Nevertheless, saying anything for sure could be a silly act at present.

The company has a tradition to name its mobile OS versions to some delicious eatables. This might be a strategy to grab usersa?? attention or keeping them stick to the Google Android. Anyhow, the new alleged Lemon cake sounds like a good and delightful eatable.

No, ita??s not just a piece of cake that you can eat faster. There must be months of hard work behind the new Android edition. The entire smartphone community is excited to see new features and functionalities coming in the Android Lemon Cake.


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