Android Leading in Europe & iOS rising in the United States

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Recent reports received from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech surely make Android as the top mobile operating system operating within Europe. According to the latest stats, Android holds a gigantic 70.4% of the entire European market. On the other hand, iOS grabs only 17.8 percent.

android grows in europe

This is a significant difference and Apple has to face a considerable loss in the European market. There must be several important reasons responsible for this. The truth is that the users residing outside the United States prefer to use efficient services of Googlea??s mobile operating system. A large number of people have switched from IOS to Android and this could be very alarming situation for Apple.

According to the analysts, the day is not far when Android will capture the entire European market as its growing surprisingly. It is no less than a great achievement for Google Android to hold about three-fourths of the entire smartphone market. Windows phone also struggled a lot to break 8 perfect shares here. This is impressive to see that Android leading in Europe.

Top Android manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Sony are quite successful to retain their customers. A?One thing that is a bit satisfying for the Apple is that the companya??s IOS-based products are being appreciated within the United States. So this is the market they are earning from. Apple needs to make a strong and workable strategy to reap higher benefits from the European markets.

Android is also giving IOS a very tough competition as both of these sit at about 50% (IOS at 42 and Android at 52). Well, Androida??s share has been beaten by iOS as this was higher in the previous days. If the current growth rate continues, IOS will take on a major market share in the US and Android will have to look for another market.

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