Android KitKat Stats and Marketshare – April 2014

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It is known to almost all smartphone users that the Gingerbread v2.3 have been quite active and famous Android version all over the world. However, now the situation has been changed and KitKat is quickly replacing the previous rock stars of Googlea??s mobile OS family.

You must be eagerly looking forward the Android KitKat stats and the critics too. With every single passing day, this hottest OS version is exploring the new markets and getting popular across the globe. Google always like to push forward stats depicting their operating system performance in order to let users know how well they are doing.

android kitkat stats april 2014

KitKat grabbed 3.2 more points that brings its market share to 8.5%. Jelly bean is still rocking with the larger market share. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is capturing 33.5% market share, Android 4.2 holds 18.8% and the Android v4.3 is living up with 8.5% which is similar to Android kitkat stats.

It is worth noting here that Jelly Bean has started losing its shares with a minor proportion and it is being said that this particular OS version will be dominated by KitKat after a few months.

No official word is out on when Google is going to launch its next mobile operating system version. This is why users are taking great interest in the KitKat which is the latest one to date. The infographic given above can itself elaborate what each individual extracted during the month of April. Older versions will no longer gain the revival period because users hasten towards new stuff.


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