Android KitKat Appears on Googlea??s Headquarter

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android kitkat unveiled

People are enthusiastic to know about the upcoming Android version which is now called the KitKat. Previously we are curious about the Key Lime Pie which has gone in the backend these days. We consider it necessary to mention that a new statue of Android KitKat is being erected alongside Eclair, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean statues at the Googlea??s headquarters.

The erection of a new Android KitKat statue confirms that this is going to be the next version of Googlea??s mobile operating system. People have different opinions regarding the forthcoming Android version. Some of the users consider it a positive step toward success while a few seem a little embarrassed on the delay of Key Lime Pie.

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It is being expected that the Android KitKat will be an extension to Jelly Bean and may be called v4.4. On the other hand, the Key Lime Pie has been confirmed as Android v5.0 several times. Nothing can be said certainly about the final names and version of these operating system versions until the company itself officially announces.

You will be able to win a free Nexus 7 by finding a coupon code in the KitKat break. So if you really wish to get a fantastic tablet based on the Googlea??s mobile operating system, then you need to check out tasty bites of this delicious chocolate. This is going to be a major update with lots of interesting and useful features. To explore more, you should see the video given below and visit the source link.

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