Android Jelly Bean Surpasses Gingerbread

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We all know that Android 2.3 has been the most widely-used Google’s mobile operating system to date. Most of us still believe that Gingerbread holds its reputation without getting discouraged. Well, now the situation has been completely changed and the era of Gingerbread comes to an end.

“The latest stats show that the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1 & 4.2) has finally overwhelmed the Android 4.3 Gingerbread.”


The Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) could not do this but the latest version has done it quite successfully. The Gingerbread debuted in the February 2011 and the initial version (API level 9) appeared in December 2010. Anyway, we cannot deny the great importance and popularity of this particular mobile operating system because it’s still famous among most of the mid-range Android device owners.

The hottest stats show incredible results and they have been mentioned below:

  • Jelly Bean Android v4.1 at 32.3% with v4.2 contributing another %5.6
  • Gingerbread Android v2.3 at 34.1%

Luckily, both latest Android versions have seen a great increase in the market share. As far as the Froyo and Éclair are concerned, both of these versions still hold a single digit percentage and don’t seem to move onward.

There could be several important reasons for the success of Android Jelly Bean; however, the most noteworthy one is that the majority of the modern phone comes with this specific mobile operating system. This is a season of competition and most of the manufacturers create smartphones based on the Google’s latest mobile operating system. This can also be the reason why company is extending the Android Jelly Bean to the next version which is Android v4.3.

Android is dominating the market and grabbing a good percentage in the market share. Irrespective of the tough competition given by Apple’s iOS, Google’s mobile OS keeps winning the hearts of people.

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