Android Global Market Share Hits 80% of the Total Shipments

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Googlea??s Mobile operating system continues to rock the entire Smartphone market by making more and more shipments with every single passing day. Though there is a good demand for iOS devices all around the world, yet Android keeps on dominating the American manufacturer.

Statista Mobile OS stats

We often see stats showing Googlea??s Mobile OS as the monarch of the present world and this time around we have the same story with increased numbers. Debate among iOS and Android might never come to an end because both of these giants try to rule over each other by trying out different marketing strategies.

No matter what our thoughts on these companies, the numbers tell the real story which never lies.

a??Android is still the most dominating and famous mobile OS across the globe.a??

As per the data gathered from IDC, the Googlea??s OS authority is growing over and over again. In the year 2013, Android was holding 78.6% of the world smartphone shipments share and 69% in 2012.

On the other hand, iOS was grabbing just 15.2% smartphone shipments in 2013 and the percentage was just 18.7% back in 2012.

So the figures above tells the clear difference that both of these operating systems make.

The chart on top of the page shows the evolution Android Global market share along with other prominent operating systems.

Source: Statista


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