Android 4.4 Screenshot Leaks Online

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Users have been waiting for the hottest Android 4.4 KitKat with great enthusiasm and like to experience its functioning. Android 4.4 Screenshot of the hottest version of Googlea??s mobile operating system has been leaked on the web and flaunts dialer apps, redesigned messaging and more theming.

Android 4.4 Screenshot hits internet

This is all what we have been looking for. Although these are just few features out of the box, yet users are pretty happy to see them. It will be a fun experience to enjoy a completely redesigned messaging interface with amazing new features. Most people have appreciated the new dialer app because it gets a lighter interface as required.

On the contrary, there are not a lot of things to be discussed about the messaging application leaked in the latest Android 4.4 Screenshot. We need a good screenshot portraying the entire thread message instead of the current one. On the basis of data leaked so far, we can expect a tidy, neat and a gradient-free messaging interface.

Theming has also been made better for providing users a better experience. Now it is not just limited to the manufacturer, but the individual developers can access them too. Just see in the images above that the notification bar in the messaging app is green whereas ita??s blue in the dialer app. So ita??s a good sign to make them user modifiable. Majority of the developers appreciate this positive enhancement to make the interface adaptable for users.

Just two images have expressed pretty good things about the upcoming android version. So I am eagerly looking forward the next leaks. They will definitely help us to develop a better understanding of KitKat. This is all we have for now, but will be back as soon as any other thing leaks in this regard. So stay tuned!

What is your opinion about the recently-leaked Android 4.4 Screenshot?


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