Android 4.3 Update Features Revealed

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Android 4.3 update is something that every user has been looking for. Finally, it has been officially announced with a slew of interesting and useful features. This is, of course, going to be the best version of Googlea??s mobile operating system till date. Some of the sources have spotted Google Play edition devices running this particular mobile OS.

Android 4.3 update Jelly Bean features

However, the Android 4.3 update brings great improvements beyond the expectations of the current users. Most of the people are waiting for this wonderful upgrade; however, the carriers have their own plans to update the devices. A?According to news, some units of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would soon get the latest Android 4.3 update. Well, it is not still confirmed from any source.

Multi user support was actually introduced with Android 4.2, but now it is updated with the latest Android 4.3 update. Now users will be able to take pleasure in restricted profiles which provide a limited access to use a particular app. You can also limit the levels of a game that are to be played and leave the rest. This is a good option to protect your device against any sort of theft of your personal details.

android 4.3 jelly bean

Most of the apps have been fully renovated in the latest update. The major apps like Chrome, Drive and Maps are revamped to provide a better user experience. Notifications have also been changed according to a new way. Now you will be able to enjoy watching notification history without facing any sort of trouble.

Luckily, the OpenGLES 3.0 is now fully supported and graphics also give a nice impression. It means users can enjoy playing 3D games more flawlessly with the improved version of Android 4.3 update. There are numerous changes under the hood and you will observe after getting the update package. Get top quality games from the Google Play Store and enjoy on the latest Android OS. To get more information, you can visit the source link given below.


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