Android 4.2.2 Changelog Elements

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android 4.2.2 changelog brings a few goodies

We have obtained some unofficial and some official tidbits to express about the hottest android 4.2.2 upgrade. This is one of the most famous updates ever hit the Nexus devices. The company has not officially announced any changes in the update.

These are the things that we have obtained from our various sources. The Google’s operating system has brought a great rebellion in the Smartphone and tablet industry and people have become crazy about upcoming updates from this particular mobile operating system.

It is obvious that most of the people prefer to get the official information regarding their inquiry. However, an unofficial announcement also plays a vital role in satisfying the user’s requirements up to some extent.

Without diving into further details, let’s check out the Android 4.2.2 changelog.

  • Bug fix in Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Performance improvements
  • More protected ADB
  • Users can easily toggle Bluetooth and WiFi off/on by long-holding them in the Quick settings
  • Some of the Nexus 10 users report that it is running more steady and the haphazard reboot problems are gone
  • New attractive notification sounds ( low battery and wireless charging)
  • The download notification shows outstanding time

The most significant and interesting official “fix” from the Android 4.2.2 changelog is the battery power adjustment. Some of the device owners have confirmed good battery life with the hottest update.

Some of the savvy folks have noticed that the Google has updated the product sheet for Nexus 7 only. The battery life utilization has been changed to “10 hours active use” from only “8 hours active use”.

Therefore, it has become clear that the power issue has been resolved up to a great extent and people would be able to enjoy using Nexus features for an extensive time period without any low-battery power concern.

We would share with you if get something more about official android 4.2.2 changelog.

Source:droidforums, androidpolice


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