Android 4.0 Update Cancelled for Sony Ericson Xperia Play

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Sony has just posted update on the Android 4.0 upgrades. Devices of previous year will begin to get Android 4.0 update from next week. It is very good news for the users of Sony Ericson. They will be able to use their android cell phones more conveniently with the help of latest updates.


However, there is also sad news for the users of Xperia Play. Unfortunately, consumers using Sony Ericson Xperia Play will not be able to get the latest updates of Android 4.0. Nevertheless, users of Xperia P.S and U will be lucky to get their phones updated with upcoming updates.


I know it is quite alarming for the Xperia Play Station users but Sony Ericson has decided not to forward updates to them. The reason behind the cancellation is that the consistent gaming experience cannot work well with Android 4.0. It may be proved a hurdle in enjoying ultimate gaming experience.


Anyhow, people having this Play Station can continue enjoying with playing their beloved games without any restriction and abuse.


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