Tips To Enhance Battery Life of Your Android Phone

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Top-notch android handsets are very powerful but unluckily they do not have sufficient battery timing. Every user dreams for an endless battery life. Sometimes, you cannot even use your android cell phone even for a whole day. You will have to recharge it again and over again for consistent usage.

In order to make the android mobile phone consistently usable, you need to augment the battery life. This can be done by following some specific tips and tricks. First you will have to watch what is sucking the maximum juice.

Navigate to settings, about phone, battery use to check out an organized failure of what is consuming the phone’s battery. Quickly uninstall the features or applications that you barely use. Nonetheless, if you do not want to completely uninstall that unusable feature then you can turn it off.

It is also suggested to turn off needless hardware features as they consume a large portion of your phone’s battery. Moreover, the display brightness should be automatically adjusted. You may not know that most of the battery’s power is wasted due to high brightness display.

You can also knock down live wallpaper and unnecessary home screen widgets. Doing all these things can surely help in saving your battery’s power instantly.


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