Speed Up Android Web Browsing on Google Chrome

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Most people love spending time on web browsing because they need to perform different tasks online. For instance, you will have to check your social profile as well as send an email to someone special. This all is not possible without having a reliable internet support.

Users do not wish to face any kind of disturbance while browsing the web. That’s the reason why they always ask how to speed up Android web browsing.

If you are also coming across the same situation, then this piece of writing is going to help you in the right way. Below is a guide to speed up Android web browsing with great ease.

Some hidden features remain hidden unless we check them to work efficiently. Using these secretive attributes will help you boost the performance of web browsing. Simply follow the below steps and feel the change you want:’

  • Pick up your Android phone and tablet to open the chrome browser
  • Copy and paste this string into the Chrome’s URL bar: chrome://flags
  • Start scrolling down to look up for the Maximum tiles for interest area (#max-tiles-for-interest-area) in list.
  • Hit “Default” drop down menu and change this to 512. The option of 256 can also be chosen for those with older devices having less than one GB of RAM.


  • At the footer, hit relaunch now in order to confirm the changes.

Although it seems quite simple to follow up with these steps, yet they can speed up Android web browsing significantly. Prominently, users will be able to enjoy hassle-free smooth browsing especially with the pages that have large resolution images.

Guys having the latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, Moto G, HTC One, Nexus 5 and other similar models can really benefit from this little but useful tweak. Please do not follow steps other than those mentioned above, or else you might experience any unwanted change on device. On the other hand, you can do whatever you want, but only at your own risk.


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