Most Dangerous Android Trojan Diffusing

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Android Trojan issues

It is the most dangerous Android Trojan to date. Many security experts at Kaspersky have diagnosed a new type of virus that can badly target the Android phones. This sophisticated Trojan virus can take over your Android device and make costly calls resulting high wireless bill.

The Trojan virus, Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a, starts its contagion by requesting the Device Administrator privileges. It is necessary to save your precious device from the attack of such sort of harmful viruses. You might need to adopt some safety measures to avoid the danger of the virus.

After entering your device, the virus will hide itself and can never be removed. No one would like to come across this type of critical situation. Well, this is a big dilemma for all the Android users. The malicious code works behind in the background mode and does not show up. It means your phone will be hijacked and you wona??t be able to control it properly.

The most serious and scariest facet of the Trojan virus is the authority of control it provides to the strangers over your phone. So there will not be anything safe and secure. If it gets installed on your Android phone, it can easily send, receive and edit texts; access all the personal data, files and contacts and use the internet. This horrible Android Trojan virus spy all of your activities and also make premium rate calls that charge a lot.

The infected Android phone automatically connects to any public WI-Fi network and the homescreen get frozen for a few seconds. In this way, the Android Trojan attacks other phones using the same wireless network. This dangerous Android Trojan virus can also be sent through the Bluetooth. The virus is not in the virtual world but it has infected some of the users so far. However, it can spread swiftly if not controlled properly.

We advise you to install a reliable and workable anti-virus program from the app market so that the danger can be avoided. Keep connected to know more about the concerned matter.


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