HTC Droid DNA Tricks

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HTC Droid DNA Tricks and tips

There are several wonderful companies operating within the mobile phone industry and HTC has an exclusive significant among all of them. The HTC Droid DNA is most wanted phone in the marketplace because users are just crazy about its passionate appearance and solid specs.

No device is perfect because each has some shortcomings. People often express their bad experiences about the handsets they are using. By and large, Droid DNA Specs are great and it is a spectacular phone with high-tech features, and has a great fan following from around the globe.

Users of this pretty phone must be looking for the tricks by which they can explore new ways of making their device better. Yes, you can easily get most out of your HTC Droid DNA by applying some wonderful ideas to it.

  1. Create custom scenes

In most of the cases, users like to customize their home screens for enjoying better panorama. A?If you are also one of them, then create attention-grabbing custom scenes and enhance your experience. Apart from already available scenes, you can create using your own expertise.

HTC Droid DNA Tricks and tips

Move to settings>Personalize>Scenes and then hit menu button appearing at the top. Here you will see the options and can select from any of these. Add apps and widgets to make home screen fully usable.

  1. Select best shot mode mtabscom blog, mtabscom blog, mtabscom blog, mtabscom blog, mtabscom blog, mtabscom blog.

Taking the most desirable photo with your Smartphone could be a little bit intricate. DNA can resolve this problem as per your needs. While taking a snap, instead of pressing shutter button, grab it down. The camera with automatically take up to 20 pictures simultaneously. Later on, you can select the best out of them or allow the phone to choose the best one.

  1. Turn off the fast boot

Fast boot is a wonderful option that does exactly what it says. This can turn your phone on within seconds instead of taking too long. However, it really takes up best prices for viagra 100mg, best prices for viagra 100mg, best prices for viagra 100mg, best prices for viagra 100mg, best prices for viagra 100mg, best prices for viagra 100mg. the most of your battery power. So, I suggest you to turn it off to save power for maximum usage.

HTC Droid DNA Tricks and battery saving tips

These were 3 most effective tricks that can make your HTC Droid DNA worthwhile.


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