How to Use Android Apps on Windows 8

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Android apps on windows 8 install

The windows app store might not contain a wide range of interesting applications, but the BlueStacks gives an easy access to more than 750,000 apps on the Windows 8 personal computers. It also includes several touch-enabled apps and games to allow experiencing the freedom of touch.

run android games on windows 8

Though there have been a few Android app emulators for Windows, but they have not worked well. Most of the users of present era like to use Android apps on Windows 8. With touchscreen Windows 8 tablets and PCs, users really prefer to run Android apps for different purposes.

bluestacks windows8

The BlueStacks is not the best and still in beta, however; Lenovo aims to ship it soon on PCs. So anyone can easily download to use BlueStacks without paying anything.


  • You might not know that BlueStacks is based on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It means some elements of its UI will be outdated and new applications may not work well.
  • Moreover, it is available for the Windows 8 systems only, not Windows RT computers such as Microsoft RT in the coming days.
  • BlueStacks needs to to give an emulation layer and thata??s the reason why it cannot be used as fast as running Android straight on a good tablet.
  • Computers having weak hardware might not be able to run apps and games properly.
  • The BlueStacks run on older Windows-based computers and Macs, it works well on Windows 8 with touchscreen. The mouse clicks could take place of touch events. So some of the apps and games may not be usable with a mouse if they need multi-touch.


A user can obtain BlueStacks simply from the, that provides a version for Windows 8 as well as previous versionsA? Mac and Windows. It also runs the that gives instructions to install Google search app on the Windows 8.

Let me inform you that the BlueStack app player is not a contemporary app, because it runs on the PCs or desktops. Nevertheless, it offers a full-screen environment that imitates the modern environment of Microsoft on Windows 8.

Operating Android Apps on Windows 8

You can easily launch the app after installing it, and then search for the applications to install simply by tapping the telescopic glass icon.

bluestacks app for Windows 8

BlueStacks must be connected to your Google Account so that it can smoothly download applications from the Google Play Store. Your existing account will work well, but you can also create an exclusive Google Account for the sole purpose of BlueStacks. It can also download apps from Amazon AppStore. All the options will appear when you start searching for any specific application.

install apps from google play store on windows 8

You can also enjoy android apps on windows 8 because nothing is impossible with modern apps of Windows 8a??s without a 3rd party software.

A?run android apps on windows 8 pc

Clicks can take place of touch events. For instance, to control the runner’s movement in Temple runA?2, you can click the screen on the left or right side, move the cursor up and hold the mouse down. Do not forget to release the mouse button after accomplishing the specific action. Nonetheless, touch events always feel good as compared to mouse controls.

temple run 2 bluestacks on windows-8

You can simply click or tap the home button (means the BlueStacks Icon) to access home screen. Hit my apps to check the apps you have installed, and from here you can launch them easily.

bluestacks app player my apps

The BlueStacks unquestionably is not perfect, and correct Windows 8 apps will be better. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of using the Android apps on windows 8 for the best experience on your PC.


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