5 Baisc Android Tips for Everyone

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Basic Tips for Android

Whenever a user comes across a problem whilst using its Android phone, he or she has to count on the people around in order to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Those who are starting their Android journey should have some know-how of this particular mobile OS.

Here we are going to provide you a few basic android tips that will help you in getting a better user experience.

Install antivirus software

You never know when the hackers get into your smartphone or tab and steal the important information, which could be related to your financial accounts. In order to make your Android fully protected, you need to install a reliable antivirus app. For this, go to the app market and check out reviews of different antivirus applications. After analyzing you can pick up the one that looks more defensive.

Setup a Password

If a smartphone is password-free, then ita??s like a hot cake for thieves. Anyone can easily take away the significant information that you have. Therefore, setting up a password of good strength should be imperative for every user. You can set up any sort of passcode like PIN, alpha-numeric password, pattern or even face detection lock nowadays.

Save Battery

This is one of the major concerns for every Android user. You want to play games, watch favorite movies, send text messages, make or receive calls, browse the internet and do a lot of other things in your mind. A user will be able to benefit from all these features only if the sufficient power backup is there to uphold. So you should pay proper attention on saving the battery life. This can be done by turning the WiFi connection off, decreasing the brightness of screen and switching off the GPS connection (when not needed).

Maintain Value

People love having expensive and adorable smartphones nowadays. So the best thing is to protect the investment so that it can give you a good return even months after. In order to safeguard your previous smartphone or tab, get good quality case covers, and scratch resistant glass to make the device scratch-free. This is one of the basic android tips that everyone should know about.

Change the Feel

Now you may be wondering what the feel is. It refers to the screensaver or wallpaper of your android phone that needs to be changed after some days. This practice really let your device look a bit changed.

These were some basic android tips that we considered vital for the users. Hope it helps.


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