Automatically Update Android Apps and Stop Autometic Updates with Easy Guide

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Good and useful apps are considered to be the life-blood of an Android phone. Both, the developers and consumers, know the importance of applications created for different purposes. However, it is imperative to update apps that have previously been downloaded by a user.

Automatically Update Android Apps:

In this case, you do not need to make a lot of efforts in order to update any specific app because the system will automatically update that app without creating any trouble. All what you need is just an internet connection and the rest will be done by your device. Your android phone or tablet will automatically start updating the apps as and when the update is available.

On the other hand, if you have unchecked the box “Automatically Update” while downloading the app, then it’ll first ask for permission before the download.

Stop Automatic App Updates:

Most people get irritated and agitated when apps on their phone start grabbing automatic updates. This troublesome situation do not let them continue the active tasks.

Do you also want to stop automatic app updates?

Simply check out the below steps:



Open ‘Google Play Store’ on your Android phone or tablet simply by tapping the Play Store icon existing on homescreen or in the app Manu.


Access the Play Store settings by tapping the ‘Menu Button’ on your phone or 3 square dots appearing on the top right corner.



Just uncheck the box that says ‘Auto-update apps’. By doing this, apps will always ask for permission before download.


Important Note: Keep the ‘Auto-update Apps’ box checked if you wish to enjoy automatic updates.


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