Android Gift Ideas This Christmas a?? Select Your Match

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Android Christmas Gifts

Getting gifts for your loved ones is advisable because it lets your family and friends feel awesome on the big day. Christmas is the event when people like to buy good gifts for their dear ones. However, most people cannot decide what to purchase for your buddy. We are here to assist you in the right way.

This time we have brought some of the most fantastic Android gift ideas this Christmas. Below are the credible and useful devices based on the Googlea??s Mobile Operating system.

Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

This is the most widely-used smartphone based on the Android OS. Fascinated by beautiful shape, the handset holds powerful specs that are ideal for smooth navigation and blazing performance. There are different variants of the Galaxy S4 and you may opt for the one that you like the most. A user can look for different storage capacities or 3G/4G LTE network compatibilities or more.

LG Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5

This is something that we have been looking for many weeks. The device has been manufactured with the collaboration of LG and Google. The powerful hardware results into seamless internet browsing due to its robust specifications.

The smartphone is the first one to come with built-in Android 4.4 KitKat. If you are a big android fan and want to feel the essence of modern technology, then having this gorgeous gadget is imperative.

BlackBerry Z30


The BlackBerry Z30 is the latest flagship smartphone from the famous Canadian manufacturer. It brings you the real taste of BB OS if you do not want to use Androida??s services anymore. One of the loveliest things about the aforesaid mobile phones is their large capacitive touchscreen. It really gives you freedom of watching full HD videos and play 3D games without getting concerned about anything.


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