3 Ways to Speed up Your Nexus 7

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speed up nexus 7 for a better experience

Facing consistent problems while using your Google Nexus 7?

Most of the people complaining about the poor performance and slow processing speed of the Nexus 7. The users have experienced a gradual slowdown in the performance of this particular device. Well, this seems to be an anecdote.

According to many users, their device slowed down after getting the Android 4.2 update. There are many reasons to speed up Nexus 7, but you need to follow a workable strategy for this purpose. There is no need to try improvident activities to get your work done.

We are going to give you with 3 important ways to speed up Nexus 7. This will give you a better understanding of how you can bring convenience while using the Googlea??s Nexus device. The following tricks will help you in the best way to get your Nexus 7 back to an optimum speed.

Free up Space

Your device will slow down as soon as it fills up. If you have a 16GB version of the Nexus 7, it will start performing badly when there is only 3GB storage space left. Similarly, the 8GB edition of the same device also becomes very slow in speed as it storage fills up.

android storage

Therefore, try to keep sufficient storage space empty so that the device can work well to deliver the best performance. If you are trapped in such a situation, then try to delete some apps or other massive files.

Disable Background Apps and Currents Sync

You may not be aware of the fact that the Google Currents syncing can be a major cause of severe lag on your device. If you wish to speed up Nexus 7, then do not waste time in disabling the currents sync and background apps. This will give a better user experience that you have been looking for.

disable google currents background sync

Some of the users have reported that lag on the Nexus 7 can be removed simply by disabling the location access option on your tablet. You can easily access this through Settings>Location Access.

A?android disable location access

Use the AOSP Browser Instead Of Chrome

What we have all observed is that the Google Chrome doesna??t work well on Android. Actually, it slows down the device with is cumbersome. However, it is good on the Nexus 4 due to powerful hardware package. On the contrary, it does not fulfill Nexus 7 usersa?? requirements. A?

The Android Open Source Project is also known as AOSP browser is much faster than the Google Chrome. Particularly the scrolling is very smooth, but it does not have syncing features like Chrome. You can speed up your rooted Nexus 7 by installing the AOSP Browser installer.

android install aosp browser

There were some of the tricks that can be a great helping hand to speed up Nexus 7.


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