US cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Coming Soon

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Galaxy Note 10.1 to come up with US Cellular

Our sources have confirmed that US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is coming before so long. They have announced that the carrier is soon going to send out the device for public use. We know ita??s a little bit awkward but, thata??s reality.

In this present age of full competition, mobile network carriers operating within the United States like dominating others. They adopt multiple strategies in order to come up with high-fly.

Regrettably, we could not get any information regarding the exact launch date of US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Thata??s why you will have to wait until the company makes any official announcement close to the launch date.

It is expected that the price which is going to be set for the device would be around $499 with immediate rebates. It is also anticipated that high speed wireless connectivity option will be provided with upcoming device. So, you can say that ita??s going to support 4G LTE as required by most of the mobile device users.

Although Galaxy Note 10.1 holds good specs, yet inclusion of the Android 4.0 (ICS) becomes a little bit unfortunate. People want to grab the latest Jelly Bean and ICS is not much important for them. Luckily, Samsung has started rolling out the Android 4.2 update to its Wi-Fi devices along with some significant improvements and enhancements.

Well, the information seems to be somewhat outdated here. Considerable specs of the tab include 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 16GB internal storage, 2GB of RAM, 10.1 inch display along with S Pen support. So, you can easily perform various functions on your tab without getting wedged into any big peril.

We will certainly provide you further information about US cellularA?Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as we are in contact with our sources. Hence, you will get the exact date when the device is going to be released for public use.


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