Sony Tablet S – Pros & Cons

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Sony Tablet S is a stylish, speedy, featured gadget providing all newest functions to users. Year of 2012 has brought a lot of fantastic gadget with it. People are still waiting for the remaining tablet releases of this year. Several electronic companies have manufactured countless gadgets for present technological world. Users are getting benefits from all these devices as per their recommendations. When it comes to talk about benefits and drawbacks of any specific gadget, no one can repudiate their importance for the purpose of rating a device.

Sony Tablet S has some downsides as well as upsides.


This hottest tablet comes with Sony PlayStation certification.

It is a well-built extraordinary android tablet with multiple features.

Enjoy entertainment and work together.


Mobile broad band is not supported with Sony Tablet S.

Internet is only accessible via Wi-Fi.

Bottom line:

Despite of mobile broad band unavailability, Sony Tablet S is a fantastic device for communication, gaming and productivity.


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