Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Finally Gets Ready for UK Pre-orders

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There is always a great demand for big-screen devices because they let users perform different tasks such as browsing the web, sending emails, reading books, watching videos and a lot more with great ease. After a number of interesting large screen tabs, the Korean giant now makes its Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 available for pre-order in the United Kingdom.

Samsung Logo

We heard of this gadget a few weeks back, and now can pre-order a?? only if live in the UK. Hopefully, it will soon be available in other parts of the globe because people living in different regions have great demand for this giant Note.

Those who have been waiting for a slight bigger Note from the Korean manufacturer can now take advantage of this 12.2 inches large device. Now you should not have any complaints as Samsung has delivered what you expected. There should not be any room for doubt because the below render tells the story.

A?galaxy notepro 12.2 uk

The company has officially proclaimed on its Twitter account that the Note Pro 12.2 is available for pre-order via their e-store, users can place an order for A?649 (about $1,076). The shipments are ready to go on February 4, which is just 4 days away. Please be informed that a Gamepad worth A?59 will be given for free.

So are you ready to place an order to get one?

Source: Samsung UK


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