Nook HD Tablets Now Get The Goolge Play

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Nook HD Tablets

The Nook HD tablets now come with built-in Google Play, starting at $199 & the Nook HD+ at $269.

Barnes and Noble Nook media has officially announced its expansion of the entertainment and reading content catalog with the addition of the famous Google Play Store digital content.

Now you will be able to enjoy the digital content experience of Google Play on the new Nook HD+ and Nook HD devices. The Google Play Store and host of many other services will be easily available for all existing and new Nook customers in the United Kingdom and the United States.

An automatic update has started rolling out for the new and exiting Nook devices. Thata??s why you should keep them connected to the WiFi connection in order to get the timely update. All of the Nook users must be feeling happy about getting this fortunate update.

The rollout has started on May 3 according to our reports and you should be getting the updates right now.

With Google Play, users now can view over 700,000 Android applications and games. Other Google services will also be available in the Nook HD tablets and you will be able to get benefited from those wonderful services.

Some of the most astounding Google services such as Gmail, YouTube, Chrome Browser, and Google Maps. I know you must be getting impatient to use such gorgeous services on the Nook HD tablets.

All the consumers now can easily synchronize their important bookmarks across any kind of device with Google Chrome.

Along with the official announcement of several other services and Google Play, Barnes and Noble also released a promotion for its United Kingdom customers as the prices drop to $200 / A?129, down from A?159, for Nook HD. Similarly, Nook HD+ is starting at A?179 ($280), drops from A?229 ($350).

Are you ready to use updated Nook HD tablets?



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