Nexus 7 LTE 2013 Now in Australia, UK and More

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Nexus 7 LTE 2013 available in UK, Australia and Italy

Nexus 7 LTE 2013 version stands out from others due to its fantastic specs and features. The device was first launched on the Play Store for US residents only, but now a number of other countries from around the world can get their hands on this majestic tab. last week it was officially available with 4G LTE connectivity option on the Google Play Store.

Good news for those who had been screaming out to get the tablet in time. However, finally residents of other regions are also blessed to get enjoy the pleasure of having a Nexus 7 LTE 2013 edition. Google has made their Nexus 7 officially available in some other important countries of the world. So the device is making its debut in Asia, Europe, Australia and more.

Here is the complete list:

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • United States

This is merry making moment if your country is mentioned above. It means you can easily go ahead to purchase your Nexus 7 LTE without any worries. On the other hand, those whosea?? country is not listed above will have to wait for more time. Sadly, no authentic information is available on the worldwide available of this gorgeous device.

Residents of some of the aforesaid countries have already missed the Nexus 4 and now they should not leave this offer alone. Google Play Store is ready to provide them everything they want. Italy has finally been added to the list and entitles to purchase the Nexus 7 LTE. They can also take pleasure in using the other great Google Play services such as Play Music, Google Play Books and more.

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It is good to get this right access at the right time because Nexus 5 is around the corner. So ita??s a big party time for you people.

Source: Nexus 7 LTE 2013 on Google Play


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  1. wrekcy

    09/18/2013, 09:31 pm

    hey pattrick, undoubtedly its a good news, but what if you stimulate me to have access of the new nexus through ebay amazon or any big shopping site, you must let us know the way to get it in case if its not available at some places. yet i will try hard to find it


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