Nexus 10 16GB Now Out of Stock on Google Play


16GB Nexus 10 on Play Store

Though majority of the tech enthusiasts is waiting for the Nexus 5 to become available in their region, yet many people still like to get their hands on the large Nexus 10 16GB version. There may be several important reasons behind the extraordinary demand for this stylish and useful tablet.

One of the most significant reasons is its reasonable price and catchy features. This could be the cause why the Nexus 10 16GB is out of stock on the Google Play Store.

Dona??t be too embarrassed to see this is out of stock because this is not for the first time when this happened to a Nexus device. We have seen too many shortfalls of different Nexus devices especially on the Play Store. You must be aware of the Nexus 4 unavailability. So hopefully the company will get the tablet back in stock to facilitate its users.

On the other hand, this could also be a strategy to make people willing to buy the 32GB version of the same product. The company might want ita??s another variant to become popular among users from all around the world. However, this can be very disturbing for those who wish to spend less on buying a tablet. The 32GB model will definitely cost more than the 16GB variant.

If you want this product on urgent basis, then feel free to pick up the 32GB edition of the Nexus 10. This is still available on the Play Store and dona??t seem to be out of stock in the near future. People still look for the device on other online retail stores, but might not be able to get succeed in obtaining their beloved tab.

Be patient if you do not want to compromise on the Nexus 5 16GB model and need it rather than other variants.

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2 Responses

  1. Charlie Brad

    10/28/2013, 09:34 pm

    I don’t think its a good deal. This would be much affordable if bought from a local retailer. Google Play sucks..

  2. Ryan George

    10/28/2013, 09:35 pm

    Google Play don’t seem to be rich enough to get large stocks. They often run short of products every other day.


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